12 Executives of 7, 8, and 9 Figure businesses share their key insights with you at no cost (and no opt in required)
Are you making the impact you want to make?
Making an impact is a huge deal. It’s one of the most important reasons for being alive and being in business.
In business, impact comes in the form of ACTing - Attract your ideal clients, Collaborate with them to create the perfect offer, and Transform their life and business when they chose to work with you. All of this is simply:
Marketing, Sales, and Service.
The big questions for you are...
Do you want to make the biggest impact possible? 
Do you want to help people live the best possible life they can?
Are you committed to playing full out?
Awesome! Then here's what you're going to learn:
Have the greatest impact possible
Identify the essential needs your offer fulfills
The why, when, and how of your impact
Become the trusted expert in your industry
Recommend the best offer for each client
Transform your client through the results you deliver
Before Dec 25: FREE | Dec 25 to Jan 5: $7 ea | Jan 5 to Jan 11: $17 ea | Jan 11 to Jan 14: $27 ea | Jan 15 and on: $37 ea
If They Can Do It, So Can You..
Barbara Lloyd & Mike Bear
The Impact of Giving Back, and its Effect on the world.
    David WOrner
    Now CFO
    The Power of Knowing Your Niche on Your Finances
      Turn the Impossible into the Possible
        Ed Quinlan
        Corporate Alliance
        The keys to building relationships in your own community
          Darren R. Cecil
          Sales Expert San Diego Hire
          5 Hidden Secrets That Will Crush Any Sales Team
            Andrea MAckenZIE
            Lead With Harmony
            Lead Through Excellence in Your Organization
              DAVE FARROW
              FARROW PR
              Your Impact is only as Powerful as your Credibility and How to Raise it
                STEVE OLSHER
                Re-Invent Yourself and Become Legacy for Lifetimes to Come
                  Yoram Baltinester
                  Decisive Action
                  Your Personal Code of Honor – your Invaluable addition to your service
                    Zach tibbs
                    One Off Industries
                    How a platform like Amazon or Ebay can get you more results than your website
                      Shimon Abouzaglo
                      VSR Council
                      Value sales is the new way to successful client retention
                        David GRUDER
                        Leader, Business, & Culture Peak Performance 
                        Leadership & Company Culture
                          We're going to do something crazy... Even though this event costs you NOTHING, $0, Zilch, Nada. (until January)

                          We will guarantee that.... WHEN you watch all 12 summit sessions AND you do all of the worksheets, AND you implement what you learn over the following 6 months... IF you don't get anything out of it we will host a private VIP Day ($7,500) for you at no cost, that is how confident we are that what is being taught is worth more than a pound of gold itself.
                          THE PRICE GOES UP TO $37 each Recording on January 15th
                          Before Dec 25: FREE | Dec 25 to Jan 5: $7 ea | Jan 5 to Jan 11: $17 ea | Jan 11 to Jan 14: $27 ea | Jan 15 and on: $37 ea
                          What Makes Our Summit Different?
                          FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE
                          Each interview is only 30 to 45 minutes. We know there’s no way you can take in all 12 interviews in a 1-day window like other summits ridiculously do! We get it. So we’ve spread these value-rich interviews out over 12 days with 24 hours to access each one, giving you all the time and flexibility you need. There will be only 1 interview per day, so you can make time for it, and soak it all in.
                          VIDEO INTERVIEWS
                          No boring talking heads here! We’re literally going behind-the-scenes into the experts’ homes or offices with “Bloomberg Business Style” video interviews. It will be an unscripted and off the hook experience that packs a ton of value & strategy at the same time. So these interviews add a new dimension that you don’t get anywhere else.
                          REAL CONVERSATIONS
                          This won’t be the same speakers you see everywhere, pitching the same crap, with the same ‘one-size-fits-all’ canned talk. We picked speakers from all different industries who follow the 6 principles and have incredible success. I’ll have candid, raw, and real conversations with real people, and you’ll get real tips you can use right away in your business and life.
                          BIG PURPOSE
                          Being a part of this summit means you get to be a part of something much bigger than you or I. We’re giving our oceans and the world the better future they deserve. National Geographic and Ocean Sanctuaries partnered up to provide better data to ocean related research organizations. That’s why all proceeds of the summit go directly towards supporting our oceans health.
                          OUR CAUSE
                          Join This Virtual Summit And Help Us Support
                          Ocean Sanctuaries TO make our oceans healthier

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                          This bundle consists of 12 full training programs. One from each speaker and 3 bonuses from us.  All this will be available for you to snag on the next page for a donation of only $197(all proceeds go directly towards the ocean sanctuaries projects.)

                          I want you to fully understand what a MEGA HUGE DEAL this is… Most summits offer you to purchase the ‘interview recordings’ so you can have access to them later… that’s not what this is.  Some other summits offer you the ‘freebies’ from the experts as some type of bonus or added value… that’s not what this is.

                          In the bundle are actually the full training programs that are sold on the experts’ websites for upwards of $500 each!  No fluff, no freebies… this is the real deal. This is an opportunity for you to get 15 of the most popular online business training programs of our time for a small donation of $197… and the best part is that you get to grow your business while making a huge difference in the world at the same time!  (You’ll get more details after you register.)

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                          This book is designed to set you up for success! You get tools, techniques and resources to get you started now. It also shows and illustrates Short term AND Long term online and offline strategies to help you get the results you are looking for in your business. One of the best things is that you can request updates so that you're always on top of the latest tools, resources, techniques and strategies for making your business profitable.
                          BONUS #2: The ACT of Doing Business Handbook (January 2016 Release)
                          The ACT handbook is going to be released in January. You will get a hard copy of the book. It will include details on the InVert Launch formula, the ACT Blueprint, Linked With Clients, + The first 1000 copies will be the extended edition to include the 3 killers of business, the 2015 CMO Handbook (updated) and transcriptions of this summit with links to the videos. ($247.00 value)
                          BONUS #3: Linked With Clients Online
                          COPY ($1497.00 value)
                          BONUS #4: Unlimited access to all these videos for life.
                          Get the summit for free* and get the bonuses for just $197 before THE PRICE GOES UP TO $397 on January 15th
                          *Before Dec 25: FREE | Dec 25 to Jan 5: $7 ea | Jan 5 to Jan 11: $17 ea | Jan 11 to Jan 14: $27 ea | Jan 15 and on: $37 ea
                          This Training Is Guaranteed To Solve These Problems For You.
                          1. Not being sure of exactly who you serve or how to find more people who want what you have.

                          2. Wanting to create products, programs, and events but not knowing exactly how to package your knowledge in a way that's attractive to your tribe.

                          3. Struggling to communicate about what you do in an enticing and powerful way that causes people to buy your offers.

                          4. Undervaluing what you do & trading time for money at a low hourly rate because you've never been taught another way to package your services.

                          5. Struggling to get started, even though your desire is there.
                          ABOUT HAWK MIKADO

                          Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in online to offline marketing and sales systems. He is the creator of The Ultimate Marketing and Sales System, a powerful 9 step process to attract, collaborate and deliver value to your customers so you build trust while increasing sales. He will help you craft values-based messaging that inspires and engages your customers to buy every step of the way. Hawk Mikado has co-founded 7 profitable businesses and sold all but this marketing company which he has been nurturing over the last 14 years to be the success it is today.

                          Hawk Mikado is an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a family man. He has fun every day and truly loves everything business. It’s his passion and life purpose to help companies succeed. He is the expert in marketing and sales strategies. Hawk Mikado traveled the world 12 times over, and knew at a young age that he wanted to help and serve in a HUGE way.

                          He set out to learn everything about business and gives back by sharing his knowledge with others. He continues to have fun traveling the world, spending time with the love of his life, Caitlin and going to the zoo, and Disneyland with his friends and family. He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping companies increase revenues and their employees become focused on their passion, and confident about their path.

                          ABOUT US

                          InVert™ Inc is a full service B2B marketing & sales firm, helping transformational leaders and experts to authentically take the spotlight and make an impact on the world with their legacy. We are the only strategic marketing and sales company based in San Diego that combines digital marketing, with creative collateral and backs it up by a powerful sales team.

                          Don't Wait.

                          It's incredibly frustrating to have such a burning desire to contribute and do something greater with  your life... and not know who is meant for that energy and passion. We've seen people waste decades of their life spinning their wheels because they don't know their tribe. Not to mention the frustration and fear that arises from not making enough money. This can turn around fast for you. This summit will give you laser focused clarity about who you're meant to serve, how to speak to them in the most powerful way, how to create an impact, and how to enroll them in a genuine and loving way.

                          Don't wait…

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